Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quasimodo the final ( non Disney ) product on DVD

In 1989 I started developing a project based on the Hunchback of NotreDame by Victor Hugo. I didn't pitch it to Disney as I stepped out of my contract in June 1990. It was picked up by a sister company of Cryo Paris ( la Compagnie des Images ). Universal got interested. Then I heard from the grapevine that someone had pitched it at Disney. Eventually Universal interest dropped after Disney announced to the world that they were making the movie. My project got reformatted into a 26 x 26 TV series. but I lost the artistic direction and the thing went down hill from that point on.

Incidentally, they used one of my pre-production designs for the front jaquette on the right side.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Television appearances and interviews

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Burbank studios

Tow of my former working places : the Warner Bros. lot and the Walt Disney studios in the background

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quasimodo preproduction work for a TV series

The actual TV series ended up looking entirely different from this ; I started developing the concept as a Feature project in 1989 before I resigned at the end of Rescuers II ; it got produced eventualy in 1994 and hit the TV screens before the Disney version. It was a 10 millions Dollars co-production between Hearst Entertainment, Cine Group of Canada, France 3 TV and Ares Films in Paris.

stuff I did for "the 3 wise Men"

some of my stuff for Spain

Reception at the Shangri-La in Manila

Preproduction on an upcoming feature

A Disney veteran passed away

Gary Mooney worked both on "Lady and the Tramp" and "Sleeping Beauty"; he passed away in August 2008 ; we shared an office at Toon City on "New Groove II"; he used to tell me anecdotes such as his work on the Spaghetti sequence under Frank Thomas. He also worked with Milt Kahl. Picture taken at an Andreas lecture in 2005 in Manila.

Article about Jaxter

Jaxter strip

Jaxter Jokey

one of the Jaxter comic pages

Jaxter my pet character

Uncle WALT's resting place in Glendale Forest Lawn

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Adventures of Eloanh ; Sydney 1986

This shot is from "The adventures of Eloanh" Trailer produced in 1986 by Seagull Animation ltd. with a grant from the Australian Film commission. The company was formed by Brenda and Roland Chat and myself. This was our first attempt at producing a feature.

Lecturer certificate from ICT convention Manila

Animated Feature project "PINOCCHIA" based on G.Majax & S.Gary's book

A good laugh with famous French Comedian Smain

Smain is a very famous comedian in France. A stand up comedian, he appeared in countless one man shows and movies in my country.

Farewell moment with the DQ team India 2005

Signing autographs at an ITC convention in Manila

Get well card for Chuck Jones from the WBFA team Los Angeles 1995/97

Managers meeting at Walt Disney Consumer products Paris 1990

Manager for Walt Disney Consumer products Paris 1990

Burbank Films with Alain Costa & G.Stephenson Sydney 1982

some suggestion to Don Hahn for Beauty & the Beast

Article on some Disney commercials I did

Two years at Warner bros on Space jam and Quest for Camelot

some stuff I did while at WD Consummer products

with Richard Williams after the Oscars 1988

Roger swallows the rattle in "Tummy trouble"

Thank you letter and Cover of l'EXPRESS

With the great Steven Spielberg

some of the press on Roger Rabbit

my lucky rabbit

teaming up with Brenda Chat on Roger Rabbit

with Ranieri Watts Hoskin Zemeckis and Marshall on Roger Rabbit

at Uncle Walt's laughing place

some of my discarded Bernard Animation

The Headquarters of the old Roman Empire of Animation

Animating on Rescuers II ( Bernard, Bianca and Jake )

French Television morning show with Roy Disney and Peter Schneider

holding a background from Little Mermaid at Flower street

with Baxter Ranieri Sito Deja Hickner during the Little Mermaid production

With Disney legends Frank & Ollie

The statue of the Commander

The legendary Disney Multiplane Camera

with some great Disney legends : Thomas, Jonhston and Keane

My special guest at Roger Rabbit crew screening London 1988

Mr Ray Harryhausen

Indian Heavyweight